We arrange free of charge paid and supervised internships abroad for students of the FSU Jena and the EAH Jena from all natural science and technical courses of study, as well as the fields of business administration, marketing and design. There are places both in industry and at research institutes. Many IAESTE internships last about two to three months and take place during the summer months. However, there are also numerous positions spread throughout the year and with very variable internship durations.


Basic requirements for an IAESTE internship are

  • enrollment at a German university
  • at least two completed semesters of study

In addition, there are language or subject knowledge requirements for the individual positions. You can find these in the job descriptions. All internship positions can be found on our Exchange Platform.

Application procedure

For the application you need a verified account on the Exchange Platform. After registration, the following documents must be uploaded in English for verification:

  • CV
  • Certificate of Enrolment
  • Transcript of Records
  • English language certificate (maximum two years old)

Important: FSU students can download their Certificate of Enrolment in English from Friedolin. The Transcript of Records is issued by the Examination Office upon request. At EAH, both documents must be requested. Language certificates can be obtained at the Language Center of the FSU or from lecturers at the EAH.
Here you can find the DAAD form which will be used to classify you.

After verifying your account, you will get access to the job ads. Once you find a job that suits you, contact us and we will take the steps to apply:

  • Preliminary interview with us
  • Payment of the deposit of 100€
  • Linking with the job
  • Preparation of the application documents